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Introduction to AmiBroker

introduction to amibroker front cover
introduction to amibroker back cover
This book discusses the installation and use of the AmiBroker trading system development platform. It contains instructions for:
  • downloading the (free) trial version of AmiBroker
  • connecting AmiBroker to free and subscription data services
  • converting the trial version to a fully registered version. 

It also contains introductions to:

  • charting
  • the AmiBroker Formula Language (afl) used for backtesting
  • formula-based trading system development 

Chapter 3, “30 Minutes to Useful Results,” contains a sequence of ten graduated exercises that illustrate useful things you can do with AmiBroker in just a few minutes, even if you are using the trial version. These range from manipulating the charts, to applying on-screen indicators, to testing and optimizing trading systems. Everything is laid out, click-by-click, with screen captures to illustrate each step.

When the book was prepared, AmiBroker Version 5.50 (release) and 5.56 (beta) were current.  AmiBroker is now at Version 6.20.  The changes between version 5.50 and 6.20 are additions to the capabilities of AmiBroker, and will not distract from use of the book to install the program, set up data files, or learn the basics of AmiBroker.  (There have recently been some significant changes to data suppliers. Check the AmiBroker documentation and Forum for more information.)  

Blue Owl Press is not connected with the AmiBroker organization beyond being an enthusiastic supporter.  For official information and documentation, please refer to the AmiBroker website.

With the publication of the Introduction to AmiBroker, Second Edition, August 2012, the book is free for your personal use. Click the icon below to download a copy in pdf format.

There is no separate downloadable code for this book. You will be able to copy from the pdf document and paste into the AmiBroker Formula Editor. Be alert for two common problems:

  • AmiBroker expects “programming quote marks” which are identical and straight up and down on both sides of the quoted material rather than “typography quote marks” which are different left and right and slanted inward.
  • Printed material may have long lines truncated and continued on separate lines. Use the editor to remove the extraneous carriage return and line feed, rejoining the original line.

Link to download text of Introduction to AmiBroker

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