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There are hundreds — maybe thousands — of Jupyter notebooks posted for your education and enjoyment.  The ones listed below are a few to get you started.  Google “jupyter notebook examples” to find more.


Corey Schafer, Jupyter Notebook Tutorial: Introduction, Setup, and Walkthrough.  One of many of Mr. Schafer’s excellent presentations.

Jupyter Notebook for Beginners.  A nicely done, and pretty complete, tutorial published by Dataquest.

Practical Data Science in Python.  A nicely done description of classification, using detection of spam.

Markdown — a cheat sheet.  Markdown is the lightweight markup language used within the Jupyter notebooks.


Notebook Gallery.  Thumbnails and links to many interesting Jupyter notebooks.

A gallery of interesting Jupyter Notebooks.  A lengthy list of Jupyter notebooks, with descriptions and links. 

Financial Market 

Intro to Python for Financial Market Data.  Download data from Yahoo into a pandas dataframe, and create a chart of price, volume, moving average.


Probabilistic Programming & Bayesian Methods for Hackers.  A complete book published using Jupyter Notebook.  The book is an excellent introduction to Bayesian Analysis. 

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